Encore of Revival: America, September 30, 2019

The latest assault against Trump for a supposed conspiracy with Ukraine is pure demagoguery fluff. Combining a few scary words in a few scary sentences, attaching the label “whistle blower”, then the usual “resistance is futile” Borg propaganda—it wreaks of playbook rehashing. Leftovers chef surprise reheated and re-served might fool dinner guests once or twice. But, triggering alarms that have been often false before won’t sway Trump’s base for one big reason among many: China.

America faces larger threats than what is being alleged with Ukraine. The accusations aren’t alarming to ears that favor Trump. Even if they were serious, Democrats have cried wolf too many times to be taken seriously. If a real scandal actually did hit the presses with Trump, no one who mattered would care. That is the greater danger the Democrats are creating. Just how an award is only as valuable as those who receive it, false alarms make people ignore alarms we shouldn’t. We haven’t ignored real alarms yet, but Democrats are laying in the groundwork for it. Maybe that is the real alarm.

Republicans have nothing to lose in playing along because the truth will win in the end anyway. Of course, Democrats mistake Republican “play-along” for Republican “support”—a miscalculation likely to make a Republican 2020 even bigger.

With bigger issues looming, and with the lines blurring between “whistle blower” and “wolf bellower”, the American public is more focused on supporting the president who is stopping China from taking over… well, taking over everything. Whoever can stand up to China these days deserves an acquittal, so the voters think, especially an acquittal for doing nothing wrong.


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