Encore of Revival: August 10, 2015


Trump has set the new standard in debates: Talk like a boss. FOX News lost credibility by inaccurately predicting the downfall of the man who brought them the largest audience in Presidential debate history. If Megyn Kelly really believed Trump had a war against women, she wouldn’t have asked the question. Chris Wallace learned late to shut his trap when his spit comment about money lending blew back in his face. The FOX is toast.

In a real debate, candidates ask each other questions. Election debates have become about the media personalities. Now they, along with candidates Trump funded, lost to the man who made them their money.

Money was the talk of the debate last week. A new money movement is coming: Earn or shutup. Good and bad, wise and foolish, true and false—the movement is coming. The only people who will have a say are the people who pay their own bills along with everyone else’s.

Don’t let let Trump distract you from one other important story about a company in Seattle that tried paying everyone the same. It’s news. It’s complicated. And it relates to the swelling revival in America…

The “Conservatives” in the Seattle company pointed the finger. They shouldn’t have. That is why American Conservatism hasn’t brought more people in: Typical Religious Right finger pointing. The rest of the Religious Right has many good values, but they don’t practice those values: Quick to listen, focus on your own stewardship not other people’s, love your enemies.

Move to raise employees’ minimum salary to US$70,000 reportedly backfires on US company

…The interesting part was in the comments. Finger-pointing everywhere. And everyone seems to contradict themselves. It shows the psychology of the crew of a sinking ship. On the one hand, the “lazies” and “Communists” said that the hard-working employees were greedy for “quitting just because less-hard-working employees made the same money” (not true, it was exhaustion with complaint as an afterthought) and that they shouldn’t be concerned about what other people are earning. Yet, if the “communists” don’t want people to worry about what other people are making, then they shouldn’t care for equal salary in the first place. Then, on the other hand, the “Conservatives” who quit early had the idea to try it in the first place. They tended to blame the “lazies” rather than taking responsibility for making the decision to try the salary experiment in the first place. The “best” employees seemed to quit earlier and from burnout, yet seemed to complain about people not working worth the pay. That indicates that the unreported problem may have been some dead weight caused by just a few slackers, probably not many, who kept everyone else spinning their wheels. When spinning wheels, people tend to express themselves less than perfectly. The socialists seem to blame the hard-workers for the problem: They weren’t grateful enough and were too selfish, quitting because others were getting good money—but with no comment about those “top” employees quitting from burnout. Again, the Communist-minded people think that “brainwashing” was to blame for the hard-workers, going back to the “propaganda-based” approach, typical of America’s Left where everything is about “spin control” rather than undeniable evidence. And, the Conservatives pointed the finger rather than at least taking responsibility to quit “for their own reasons” without pointing fingers. While This would be an interesting study in human reaction to problems even more than the comparison to Jamestown with the Pilgrims who died during the 1600’s Communism experiment.

Obama: Killing Humans And Harvesting Their Organs Is An Atrocity That Must End

…While supporting PP

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Donates $992 Million to Charity Funding Planned Parenthood

Protests against premature Christmas decorating

Canada’s Crumbling Democracy

…Canada won’t allow expats to vote in elections, affecting about 1 million well-informed and well-networked Canadians

FBI asked to assist probe of Texas football player’s death

…Reportedly, the football player drove a car through a car dealership’s glass and was smashing cars at 1:00am

Protesters drove Bernie Sanders from one Seattle stage. At his next stop, 15,000 people showed.

…”Black lives matter” protestors

The one reason Donald Trump was the clear winner of the first GOP debate

Most of Trump’s news is in Tweets…

Red State dumped Trump…