Encore of Revival: May 4, 2015


Police, vitamins, children… all invite solutions without Jesus. Nannying through Liberalism and political correctness seem to be the best most can do. As Western society slips into sophistry, Islam is preaching the wisdom of virtue and morality; the most virtuous will survive because, essentially, virtue is about survival.

This is the best kept secret on Sunday Morning. Churchianity is sleeping and doesn’t wake up to tell people to wake up. SCOTUS talked a little about survival as a species during oral arguments on homosexuality and how to have children. Few voices are providing real solutions to our problems.

Maybe it’s good to have society break down, given other choices people won’t reverse. Churchianity wants to keep paying pastors and building buildings instead of paying missions and outgrowing buildings too fast to build new ones. Preachers are talking about positive mental attitude rather than the approaching crisis. Society talks about their “rights” rather than how to survive. We’ll all wake up, some sooner than later, and for many, too late.

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