Cadence of Conflict: May 4, 2015


Japan gets US nod to respond in Pacific warfare, no longer needing Pentagon permission. An otherwise introspective week with analytical articles and lack of startling headlines, probably because Michael Cole wrote little.

China copied military tech, again, and claimed it’s superior to the US, again. Chinese corruption and environment shared headlines, again. More articles agree with foreseeable change in Taiwan’s 2016 politics; Beijing is angry, again. Reports show China’s influence in money and trade, again, this time, wine and Wal-Mart.


The Battle for Taiwan’s Soul: The 2016 Presidential Election

…This could mean war! US and Beijing attempts to influence Taiwan’s elections probably won’t work; likely DPP victory in 2016

Chu trumpets fake ‘consensus’

…Taiwan’s own media openly calls KMT-Nationalist rhetoric “fake”


U.S., Japanese Officials Announce New Defense Guidelines

…Buried in the details, Japan can respond if China attacks Japan or one of its “friends” [such as Taiwan].


China’s advanced J-11D heavy fighter jet takes maiden flight

Crackdown on corruption at Chinese environmental risk assessment agencies

…Corruption and environment cross paths again in China.

Walmart’s China expansion won’t be easy

China has more vineyards than France, says international wine organization

…Health & food standards aside, this throws more complexity into conflict: people don’t like to bomb grape vines.

China plans ECB-style fund injections

…China, economy still making headlines.

U.S. negotiating to rotate troops to 8 Philippine bases

Chinese fugitive Ching Mo Yeung is a criminal and fraudster, says Canada’s immigration ministry

Does Authoritarian Government Respond to the Chinese People?

…Another analytical article

What It Means to Be Chinese

…Another analytical article


Taiwanese aid teams leave for Nepal

…Taiwanese go to Nepal, even though Nepal said, “No,” in lieu of Beijing.

Tsai rejects Ma’s criticism, says he is out of touch

‘1992 consensus’ foundation for ties: Ma

…Beijing and their KMT-Nationalist friends obviously feel threatened by democracy

Hong Kong

Government transparency reporting and access to information in Hong Kong

…another analytical piece, boring, but interesting article on Hong Kong’s transparency about governments removing illegal Internet information. Makes Hong Kong look generally good and informative on what goes on behind the scenes.