True Agenda of China Publicly Released… SEVEN Years Ago!

According to a BBC interview with Sha Zu Kang, Chinese Ambassador to United Nations (Geneva) in 2006, Beijing’s policy toward Taiwan, and the priority of that policy among Beijing’s other objectives, is as unmistakable as it is severe.

Here are some selections from Sha Zu’s comments…

Sha Zu Kang…Taiwan is the most important issue, that is to say, the issue on which we don’t have any room for compromise.


…I think for any sovereign country in the world today, no country in the world will tolerate division of the country forever… Sovereignty territory integrity it the most important thing… We treat that sovereignty more important than our lives…

…No force on the world can shake Chinese nation’s determination to achieve the unification of my great motherland.

…The moment it declares independence, by Taiwan, supported by whomever, China will have no choice. We will do the business through whatever means available to my government.

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Twelve Reasons an Invasion of Taiwan is Untenable

That’s not to say someone won’t try. And the obvious country in question is China, of course.

One non-factor is the growing number of Americans living within Taiwan. Based on Taiwan’s National Immigration Agency, in 2009, Americans made up approximately 2.5% of the island nation’s 350,000 alien residents. While that number has grown since, and will likely continue to grow, it would never be enough to affect America’s alliance with Taiwan, R. O. C. one way or the other.

So, what are the reasons an invasion of Taiwan is untenable?

1. America

The United States will always prefer Democracy over Communism. Likewise, America has a tendency of siding with smaller countries and standing against bigger ones. Taiwan is a small democratic republic that gets along with everyone. China is a large socialist-communist nuisance. Do the math. America will always side with Taiwan because they know, if anyone invades Taiwan, Hawaii will likely follow… And Japan remembers what that would mean.  · · · →

Taiwan to Be Recognized?

TAINAN—Washington’s decision from the Senate could be far reaching. Within Taiwan, the President, Ma (馬英九), is often accused of being in cahoots with Beijing. However, I hold him in similar regard to Obama: inexperienced, not evil. Both presidents should learn that we can’t apologize our way into befriending enemies. But history doesn’t lend infinite time for such lessons. We often don’t realize the importance of Peace from Strength until we’ve lost both.

The international community often views China as an axis of secret evil operating with economic motives. In truth, Asian “Shame” culture, often eluding the Western mind, explains that China merely wants respect. Beijing doesn’t understand that victory over Taiwan, which China is still technically at war with, will only breed distrust.

It’s been over half a century since Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) escaped to the island of Formosa (Taiwan) in flight from the Chinese Communists. When China keeps a silent war with the previous generation on their books, to the rest of the world Beijing simply appears to be insane.  · · · →

The Land of Rising Asia

What might we think of the global power balance shifting to Asia? On the one hand, we could interpret this transition with fear that Communist regimes may harm economies. To the contraire, it could mean that God is giving responsibility over to Asia because Asia is becoming more responsible. God told Israel to accept Babylonian rule, even though Babylon did not overtly worship Yahweh. The American government even claims to serve under a “God” who is not “Jesus”, but Americans don’t often object to that because.. well.. we’re not really sure why, but “God Bless America!”

I pray for God to bless America, but I also pray for God to bless Asia and all of His people on His earth. In 1997, we in America were scared that China was acquiring Hong Kong. But, since, little word has been given to Hong Kong’s prosperity. Perhaps, as Americans, we oughtn’t have seen “approaching China” as the fear so much as having looked to our own history and said, “Freedom comes when Great Britain departs.”

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What do we mean by “success?” The term often hides expectations. Success means happiness to some. To others it means having a master’s degree, a house on a two acre lot with a picket fence, and 2.5 kids. For me, “success” means setting a goal and reaching it.. nothing more.

Depending on your perspective, America may have seen the last days of her “success” ..or her best days may be just around the corner. Either way, her short-lived age of global trend-setting is over.. and I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing.

Do we really want more eggs in the face? “The longest blade of grass gets cut first,” and, “The early worm is for the birds.” Would Al Qaeda have been as obsessed with destroying our buildings if Australia held the reputation as the “world’s cop” instead of us?

I’m not suggesting that America did anything especially deserving of ill treatment.  · · · →