The Land of Rising Asia

What might we think of the global power balance shifting to Asia? On the one hand, we could interpret this transition with fear that Communist regimes may harm economies. To the contraire, it could mean that God is giving responsibility over to Asia because Asia is becoming more responsible. God told Israel to accept Babylonian rule, even though Babylon did not overtly worship Yahweh. The American government even claims to serve under a “God” who is not “Jesus”, but Americans don’t often object to that because.. well.. we’re not really sure why, but “God Bless America!”

I pray for God to bless America, but I also pray for God to bless Asia and all of His people on His earth. In 1997, we in America were scared that China was acquiring Hong Kong. But, since, little word has been given to Hong Kong’s prosperity. Perhaps, as Americans, we oughtn’t have seen “approaching China” as the fear so much as having looked to our own history and said, “Freedom comes when Great Britain departs.”

China seems to be improving. When the USS Ronald Reagan moved to the China coastal side of Japan for fear of the “less than Three Mile Island nuclear plant incident in Fukushima”, China wasn’t suspicious as they may have beenin the past. China also sent unexpected aid to Japan, which is comparable to Scrooge appearing at his nephew’s home on Christmas morning. When Japan returned China’s hand of friendship by urging Beijing to step up the pressure on N Korea to disarm, China didn’t slap back, they affirmed the importance. China has also done one of the most economically responsible things in the world today: Stopped buying US Treasury Bonds. Taiwan’s position as an international launch pad is advancing, China wants to improve international trust, and the superstition that Hong Kong’s “SAR” status is ostensibly a Formosa fantasy appears more irrational every day.

The mid-March tsunami took from Japan what Liberal Democrats have taken from America: the limelight. Germany’s hot-rod car color (red/black) plant in Japan is gone, which Toyota had a vested interest in. Now, being lower than the tallest blade of grass, Japan is no longer the prime object of corruption that seeks to bribe the best and brightest. At one point, Japan occupied nearly every East Asian country and each of those countries felt an urge to prove themselves against Japan.. but no longer. Humility doesn’t hurt the humbled, nor the friends of the humbled

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