Prelude to Conflict: Asia, January 12


Power shuffling and truth-spinning throughout Asia—heads roll and chests puff-out as waning establishments grab for anything to stay afloat. China bails the floundering Communist oil world then doubles its amphibious infantry without a way to transport them. North Korea issues friendly threats to the US. Hong Kong Umbrella Movement leaders are brought to open court where they can bash Beijing even more. Hong Kong legislators open umbrellas inside (for bad luck?) The US disagrees with itself about giving Taiwan permission to fly a flag, China objects to everything. A non-corrupt and popular Taiwanese mayor is attacked by the “other” political party after refusing to associate with their officials currently being investigated for corruption.

The first Taiwanese president from the opposition party was just released from prison by the “other” party that just lost elections. Taiwan’s record unpopular president from the “other” party supports flying the same Taiwanese flag in the US that he would not fly when China visited Taiwan early in his tenure. And a controversial police chief appointed by the “other” party being investigated for corruption that recently lost elections just had his early retirement “approved”, which had nothing to do with him being controversial or his appointing party having lost recent elections.

In the immortal words of Pontius Pilot, “What is truth?” One thing we know, that the Prelude to foreseeable Asian-Pacific conflict continues.


Tainan mayor [William Lai] refuses to attend council meetings

Minister says William Lai resolution against the law

…but doesn’t seem to say much about the legality of corrupt politicians (in his same political party) that Mayor Lai is refusing to associate with.

US demands replacement of Taiwan representative

Flag-raising raises suspicion

…one explanation for the US-Taiwan flag fiasco.

Former Taiwanese President Chen Released on Medical Bail

Police chief retirement approved, says decision not connected to Ko admonition

…after his resigning seven months earlier.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong student leader Wong slams authorities in court

Hong Kong legislators walk out with yellow umbrellas

…after 2017 elections continue to move forward as planned.


China is bailing out the world’s teetering oil producers

China Doubles Its Amphibious Infantry For Potential Taiwan Invasion

China Just Doubled the Size of Its Amphibious Mechanized Infantry Divisions

North Korea

North Korea offers US deal to suspend nuke tests if South ceases joint drills

US slams N Korea offer on nuclear tests as ‘implicit threat

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