Prelude to Conflict: Asia, June 2


China and the West want China and the West to know that they are in a prelude to war. Here are a few reasons why from recently…

An international case seems to be developing, not only against China, but also casting doubt on the current ruling regime in Taiwan:

Amnesty says [Taiwan] nation must still improve human rights – Taipei Times

…recent police use of water cannons against peaceful protestors, Amnesty International condemns, similarities of Taiwan’s Ma to a Mussolini in the Pacific

Amnesty International Condemns ‘Cruel Outrage’ of Taiwan’s Death Row – UCA

…a trend in Human Rights cases against Taiwan, a US ally, immediately after refusing to disclose the contents of their secret talks with China

 New Taipei City to Introduce Guardian Angels in Subway – KMT

…Taiwan’s ruling political party announces they are now “protecting” Taipei subways with “Guardian Angel” police… thus increasing police presence… the same police that Amnesty International has condemned in recent days.

PRC United Front officials ‘pose security threat’ – Taipei Times

…The KMT in Taiwan is not only increasing their police presence, they are also allowing Chinese Communists to increase their presence inside Taiwan.

Majority view cross-strait ties as ‘state-to-state’: poll – Taipei Times

…China’s main concern is not with another country that claims to own all of China—so long as the claim includes EVERYTHING that Beijing also claims. But, if Taiwan or Mongolia claim to be separate countries from China, even though they want peace, Beijing will be outraged. This idea is known as the “one China policy” and counter-intuitive to Western thinking. In the minds of Chinese Communists, independence is more dangerous than claiming 100% of their territorial claims. This poll indicates that the Taiwan public rejects Beijing’s “one China policy” and already views Taiwan as an independent state. That alone could provoke China to launch any of their 2,000 missiles aimed at Taiwan—aimed at Taiwan not because Taiwan is any military threat, but “independence” is viewed by Beijing as a greater threat. That could start a conflict in the Pacific and this newspaper is not afraid to publish this controversial truth.

Asia ‘pivot’ absent from Obama speech on foreign policy – AP/Yahoo

…Silence on relevant issues is akin to a “loud silence” about how volatile those issues are.

Obama’s Visit to Asia: Successful Rebalancing or Not? – China Policy Institute

US-Taiwan ties neglected: US academic – Taipei Times

…More in the US are talking about Taiwan.

Are China and Russia Moving toward a Formal Alliance? – The Diplomat

…Natural gas deal… and now, everything Russia does implies China, and vice versa.

China denounces US, Japan for ‘provocative’ remarks – AFP/Yahoo

Snubs, harsh words at Asia security meet as U.S. and Japan rile China – Reuters

China ‘destabilizing’ force, US says at Asia security forum – Reuters

Chinese E-commerce Giants Surge – Common Wealth

Cartoon: Economic Policy Hurts Regional Security – Taipei Times

…A trend in economic issues affecting potential conflict

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