Prelude to Conflict: Asia, November 3


Disunity delayed HK’s Umbrella Movement. A policeman turned pro-occupy, then called a retreat, but not after expressing his distaste for a recent swelling arrogance in the HK police force. And reality sets in that 2017 won’t look how people want it. Taiwan addresses internal problems of espionage and the lingering food oil scandal while China looks to space where Virgin fails. Yes, Beijing and the HK police will likely avoid Tienanmen Part II, contrary to the hopes of Western News and readers. But, while HK’s Umbrella Movement seems to be losing their game in HK, Asian students are, once again, winning the hearts of the rest of the world as the international community grows in awareness of HK’s situation and Beijing’s deafness in governing, without having the virtue of “blind” justice. Beijing’s stiff neck will calmly win the HK battle, but, more importantly, it will lose the war of international trust. Few seem to know where the real battleground sets. Yet, the purpose of peace and democracy is winning on that battleground, even as secret as its location seems to be to almost everyone.

HK & Police

‘I’m not an undercover cop,’ says policeman turned Occupy protester in Admiralty

Officer quitting to join Occupy rallies ‘boosts auxiliary police morale’

Resolute Occupy protesters raise umbrellas to commemorate firing of tear gas

Credit police for showing restraint

Police ready to arrest Occupy protesters defying High Court orders: government

Media organisations asked to provide footage for probe into alleged police beating

Hong Kong police ‘more tolerant than those in US or Europe’, says CY Leung

HK & International

‘I’m going nowhere’: ‘Loud American’ Mark Simon vows to stay in Hong Kong

Britain will not ban tear gas exports to Hong Kong, minister tells MPs

Hong Kong has spent billions on buying weapons from Britain

Hong Kong cannot do without influence from ‘foreign forces’

World Bank says Occupy protests fail to impact Hong Kong’s business climate

Hong Kong Protesters Consider Taking Their Grievances to Beijing

Student leaders may try to crash Apec summit in Beijing to seek talks


Humor from NY Times

Programmers Deploy Cellphone Game to Support Hong Kong Protests

Taiwan Internal

Oil document leak threatens DPP

Ministry set Pingtung up: top official

Food Sector Must Solve Its Own Problems


China’s Main Competitor in Space Exploration is India, Not Russia

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