Tempo: April 23, 2015

Iran ships to Yemen, Defense Sec concerned about weapons. US Defense publishes cyberwarfare strategy, hoping to deter. Obama doing more executive action, this time with a twist. Hillary, Uranium, and Russian. Google to offer wireless. Bonus: Iron Man lives up to his name: @RobertDowneyJr Tweets to Aidan having a bad day.

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Tempo: April 21, 2015

China launches new free trade zones, Shanghai won’t relax. Britain doubts Buffet’s ‘too big to fail’-ness. More warnings of financial trouble from Fed circles. The US wants more money for Ukraine. Hillary wants more money for families. Cumo visits Cubanos, not Castros. A new ‘Clear’ app in time for election season—politically correct your Tweets. Bonus: Bitcoin Vs. Wall Street: A Love-Hate Story  · · · →

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, December 29

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, December 29

Taiwan hit headlines again this week. More popular than New York, London, and Paris for New Years Eve. Home to a just-finished military head quarters after an 18-year construction project. An ever unpopular President facing oil-food scandal bribery allegations. And, now, object of all China’s military fears, as obviously false Chinese media propaganda tells.

Taipei is more popular than Beijing and opposition party mayors are more popular than Taiwan’s failing president. Communist and KMT-Nationalist rage with jealousy. Ma was China’s only hope to secure Taiwan and, thus, the Pacific. Now that corruption and unpopularity are surfacing like a beached whale, Beijing’s boy is no longer an asset in the hostile takeover of Taiwan, 50th largest nation in the world, 2014.

Chinese media openly and flagrantly speaks of invading Taiwan. This shameless self-exposure could possibly be the last straw after HK’s “defeated” Umbrella’s rained much needed light on Beijing’s deafness. The world can no longer avoid the obvious: Beijing avoided the military option to take over Taiwan, not because they wanted peace, which they don’t, but because they know Taiwan is militarily and geographically unbreakable.  · · · →