Prelude to Conflict: Asia, December 29


Taiwan hit headlines again this week. More popular than New York, London, and Paris for New Years Eve. Home to a just-finished military head quarters after an 18-year construction project. An ever unpopular President facing oil-food scandal bribery allegations. And, now, object of all China’s military fears, as obviously false Chinese media propaganda tells.

Taipei is more popular than Beijing and opposition party mayors are more popular than Taiwan’s failing president. Communist and KMT-Nationalist rage with jealousy. Ma was China’s only hope to secure Taiwan and, thus, the Pacific. Now that corruption and unpopularity are surfacing like a beached whale, Beijing’s boy is no longer an asset in the hostile takeover of Taiwan, 50th largest nation in the world, 2014.

Chinese media openly and flagrantly speaks of invading Taiwan. This shameless self-exposure could possibly be the last straw after HK’s “defeated” Umbrella’s rained much needed light on Beijing’s deafness. The world can no longer avoid the obvious: Beijing avoided the military option to take over Taiwan, not because they wanted peace, which they don’t, but because they know Taiwan is militarily and geographically unbreakable. History books are filled with small battle fields that even the strongest generals could not conquer.

That’s not to say that Taiwan’s military is the best. But the mountains, an entire civilian population of military-trained men, continued arms sales from the US, ally of Japan, and now the most popular New Years Eve spot—the world is watching.

Militaries don’t give away their secrets. If Taiwan was vulnerable, Beijing wouldn’t allow their media puppets to say so. They only say so because Beijing wants the world to think Taiwan is weak when they know it is not. Statists always think the public will believe whatever their media cronies report. As the recent elections in the US and Taiwan in suggest, media spin won’t defeat the truth. Beijing could blast Taiwan, Beijing would break like an egg, cleanup would take two years, investors would flock, and within ten years Taiwan would have one of the best economies in the world, especially with Beijing having taken itself out of the Pacific games.

Even with all that’s happened, it seems that Beijing is bent on learning the hard way. So, for now, the prelude continues.

China’s Big Fat Propaganda in the Open

China’s bizarre tirade at US supply of frigates to Taiwan; US only wants to make money because of reduction in military budget

…exposes China’s thinking, hostile goals, and the lies they want people to believe.

Chinese Poet ‘Tortured,’ Suffers Heart Attack in Police Custody: Lawyer

…after taking a selfie with an umbrella to support HK’s pro-democracy protests

Taipei in the News

Taipei tops New York as place to be for New Year

Taiwan Population 2014

Three reasons to follow Taiwan’s 9-in-1 elections

Five Big Challenges Await Taiwan

Taiwan’s Military in the News

Taipei military complex opened

The troubled transition to an all-volunteer force in Taiwan

…a volunteer military has more respect and conscience. The civilian population can still serve if the need arises and most men have been trained already.

Taiwan President Scandals

Hunger strike to protest A-bian’s jail term started

President files suit against Clara Chou

…claiming to “defend the dignity of the head of state” while he allows his predecessor to suffer from cancer in prison reportedly for breaking an unwritten law.

The next day…

Clara Chou delivers case against Ma to prosecutors

…If convicted, his own administration’s precedent could land him in prison just like was done to the president before him over a less-serious money scandal.

Ma’s disapproval rating hits record high 14.2% approval

Ma knew about donation: Clara Chou

Clara Chou, KMT exchange lawsuits

Hong Kong Umbrella Follow-up

Hong Kong’s religious leaders call for reconciliation after political conflicts

Student protest leaders Chow and Shum get back to their studies

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