Cadence of Conflict: Asia, September 7, 2015


China’s pushing into the water. Beijing celebrated America’s victory over Japan in 1945. The Communists who took over China four years later seemed to take much of the credit. And, they are still angry that, even after 66 years, they don’t control Taiwan. A “victim of its own propaganda”, Beijing believes Taiwan doesn’t want to fly the Communist flag from lack of “communication” rather than, perhaps, Communism being communicated all to well. So, Communist China’s PLAN (People’s Liberation Army Navy) is going to Alaska where Russia has more interests than China. So, is China a victim of it’s own propaganda—or of someone else working behind the scene?

China also seems to be having trouble on the money front. Even as its currency plummets, the world’s currency doesn’t. G-20 only loses trust in China.

Respect for Russia, however, is unchanged. Russia is playing some of its own games that will echo in the Pacific waters. Though Russia’s visible presence remains in the Atlantic, watch for puppets in the Middle East, as well as Russia’s favorite puppet: Beijing. The bigger question should be over what the puppet will do once it has no strings to hold it down.


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…Bottom line: While the reality-untested missile appears to be real as of China’s WWII V-Day parade, all the satellite, radar, sensors, and other equipment it needs would be it’s vulnerable points—multiple, very vulnerable points.

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…And note that Quartz did not capitalize the proper noun “Internet” in the title

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