Cadence of Conflict: Asia, March 30, 2015


China continues to takeover the Pacific with ships and reclaimed reefs. Taiwan’s DPP continues to knock down statues of KMT-Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek, which further indicates that Taiwan’s popularity favors national sovereignty. The same sympathy continues to slant in Hong Kong. China inaugurates its controversial flight M503, seven kilometers from Taiwan’s airspace, the Taiwanese aren’t happy about it, and the KMT-Nationalists and Communist Chinese aren’t happy that they aren’t happy. A lot of people in the Pacific aren’t happy.


Legislative session adjourned after M503 ruckus

M503 protests target Ma at Martyrs’ Shrine event

M503 protest ends in scuffles, fines

DPP official urges nationwide Chiang Kai-shek purge

Some links

…An informed blogger’s comments on China’s presence in the Pacific.


Comprehensive Chinese military buildup

Unstoppable: China’s Secret Plan to Subvert Taiwan

Hong Kong

Youngspiration aims to be ‘third power’ in Hong Kong politics

‘Who’s the real leader?’: Joshua Wong in Fortune top 10 as CY Leung gets thumbs down


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