Encore of Revival: America, June 3, 2019

America is dividing between the “hopers” and the “doers”. On the one hand, many voters look for hope through our current times. On the other hand, voters work hard and smart to push the times along.

The Left is lost in a lost hope of impeaching Trump. Their suggestions get more outrageous by the day—it’s hard to keep up with. By the time one pundit offers an interpretation, the next suggestion is already in draft. The problem is with order of strength. Usually we present our strongest arguments first. Usually the first strategies used are the strategies most likely to succeed. If so many things have failed this far into Trump’s term, the likelihood of success isn’t exactly high.

The Right—well, some of the Right—has been working harder than ever. The boring managers who can’t keep an organization from floundering always hate the people who know what they’re doing—like Trump. He just discovered how effective tariffs can be against the Chinese, why not try them against Mexico too!

The abortion debate is heating up to be hotter than it’s ever been. While the Right-leaning states are banning abortion, Left-leaning states are legalizing types of abortion that formerly would never have passed into law. The more controversial this gets the more likely it will rise to the strongest conservative court we have seen in over half a century.

The Left and the “establishment” Right don’t know how to respond. The workers and doers keep working and doing more things faster than the Left can make suggestions on how to stop them.

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