The Land of Rising Asia

What might we think of the global power balance shifting to Asia? On the one hand, we could interpret this transition with fear that Communist regimes may harm economies. To the contraire, it could mean that God is giving responsibility over to Asia because Asia is becoming more responsible. God told Israel to accept Babylonian rule, even though Babylon did not overtly worship Yahweh. The American government even claims to serve under a “God” who is not “Jesus”, but Americans don’t often object to that because.. well.. we’re not really sure why, but “God Bless America!”

I pray for God to bless America, but I also pray for God to bless Asia and all of His people on His earth. In 1997, we in America were scared that China was acquiring Hong Kong. But, since, little word has been given to Hong Kong’s prosperity. Perhaps, as Americans, we oughtn’t have seen “approaching China” as the fear so much as having looked to our own history and said, “Freedom comes when Great Britain departs.”

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What do we mean by “success?” The term often hides expectations. Success means happiness to some. To others it means having a master’s degree, a house on a two acre lot with a picket fence, and 2.5 kids. For me, “success” means setting a goal and reaching it.. nothing more.

Depending on your perspective, America may have seen the last days of her “success” ..or her best days may be just around the corner. Either way, her short-lived age of global trend-setting is over.. and I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing.

Do we really want more eggs in the face? “The longest blade of grass gets cut first,” and, “The early worm is for the birds.” Would Al Qaeda have been as obsessed with destroying our buildings if Australia held the reputation as the “world’s cop” instead of us?

I’m not suggesting that America did anything especially deserving of ill treatment.  · · · →