Prelude to Conflict: Asia, December 22


China made two well-crafted blunders which Beijing likely considers a success. China called for US arms sales to Taiwan to cease, then Xi went to Macau where democracy supporters could protest him more directly at the second inauguration of Macau’s CEO. Macau’s protest was reportedly led by Jason Chao (周庭希).

Japan removed the most at-risk fuel rods from Fukushima, a preventative measure. Jack Ma (马云), the Chinese businessman with an “American dream” who founded Alibaba, gave counter-intuitive wisdom to Taiwanese—the kind of ideas one would expect from Americans, but not from old guard Mandarin-speaking business owners.

Taiwan now has approval from Obama to purchase four US Perry-class frigates, sparking China’s formal complaint. Perhaps Beijing overlooked the fact that their complaint grants the US expanded permission to file future formal complaints with China. Taiwan is also building a lighthouse on the disputed “Itu Aba” Taiping Island (太平島) adjacent to a runway which is being engineered for military air support. Not to worry, experts will determine the perfect diplomatic height of the lighthouse to as not to enrage Vietnam, the Philippines, and China, who also claim the island.

N Korea’s rhetoric match with the US seems to be like any other, doing little more than boosting newspaper sales.

With the KMT-Nationalist party in Taiwan facing more public attention over their for-profit assets, with Jack Ma inspiring a path alternative to the old guard, with Beijing re-announcing their legitimate fear of Taiwan to the world, and with Macau now awake in the Umbrella Movement’s wake, the peaceable are showing their strength and conflict seems to be taking the rhetorical rout, for now.

DPP presses Chu over KMT assets

…KMT-Nationalist political parties for-profit assets in Taiwan

Taiwan Military

Lighthouse to be built on Itu Aba Island

US frigate sale to boost security: MND

…and China calls for close of all US-Taiwan military sales

Alibaba founder Jack Ma visits APEC in Taiwan

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma speaks at APEC conference in Taiwan

Alibaba founder Jack Ma taps up Taiwan youth amid protests

Alibaba’s Jack Ma: ‘I Went Back to China With the American Dream’


Fuel rods removed from Fukushima reactor No. 4

North Korea

No N Korean surge seen, amid hacking reports: ministry

Pyongyang rejects hacking charge as US pledges ‘reply’


Xi cautions HK, Macau with ‘one China’ message

Macau’s young march during Xi Jinping’s visit in wake of Occupy


After Occupy, more Hongkongers back government’s reform package, study finds

Hong Kong’s Occupy protests did not end with a loss, says co-founder Benny Tai

Occupy Central founders vow to keep fighting for democracy in Hong Kong

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