Cadence of Conflict: Asia, September 14, 2020

It was only a matter of time. The stories are breaking about Taiwan’s inhospitality toward foreigners.

Taiwan has the lowest birthrate in the world. They need people; they need talent; they need support. By denying dual-citizenship to foreigners who would have become dual citizens under similar circumstances in almost any other country, Taiwan is not filled with dual-nationals from around the world.

Czech might send politicians to visit Taiwan, but since there aren’t many Czech-Taiwanese dual citizens in Taiwan for Czech to protect, don’t expect military support. If Taiwan had immigration policies comparable to the other nations they want help from, they would have many citizens from those countries; but they don’t. If the Chinese bombed Taiwan, they would hurt citizens from around the world. China might think twice. But instead, any Westerners in Taiwan are simply expats who have no reason to stay, and it’s all thanks to Taiwan government bigotry inherited from an ancient culture made in ancient China.

Taiwan had mistreated and given the red tape runaround toward ESL teachers, European students on scholarship, and who knows what kind of superstitious “cursed black skin” comments have been told to people from Africa. American-born Taiwanese are native English speakers, but denied ESL jobs with the claim “only a White face can teach English”. Leave it to Taiwanese business owners to think Chinese-speakers know how to teach English best.

Now, Hong Kong needed help from Taiwan and saw the same bigotry Taiwan refused to address for decades. And in case anyone wondered, that’s why Taiwan is on the brink of war with China. The Taiwanese government hasn’t built the foundations of justice in society that make an economy resilient to war.

Pacific Daily Times has stories spanning back over a decade. Public appeals have been made and ignored. Recent information says that Taiwan has zero progress in changing its bigotous immigrant policies. But, the Times chooses not to elaborate on the recent resurgence of this decades-old problem for one reason: America’s election.

Such a problem so old should not be overshadowed by routine election cycles. It must not be said that a problem spanning back thousands of years should come up—of all times—two months before the 2020 American presidential election. Taiwan’s ancient-Chinese bigotry must not be reduced to an October surprise.

Taiwan is worth saving, as Jesus said of everyone. The Taiwanese people are amazingly friendly toward foreigners—as long as the Taiwanese are either younger or international, or if the foreigner is White and rich and neither student nor ESL teacher. Taiwan has the potential to change and improve, just as America was among the first nations to ban the human sin of slavery, starting with its own. But, Taiwan must make the choice for Taiwan.

Will there be war in Taiwan? One cannot understand our times while refusing to account for the God who holds all time in His hands. From Deuteronomy, He commands fairness for the widow, the orphan, and the foreigner. And, that God can’t be called on to protect Taiwan until Taiwan has protected those who called.

Whether there will be armed conflict between Taiwan and China will depend on the Taiwanese democracy. Their government must make sweeping and instant changes to bring current what good things should have long happened to their foreigners from the nations they call on for help. If such sweeping justice is not given to foreigners in Taiwan by November 4 Taipei time, then Taiwan’s neglected past will be both neglected and newsworthy. In that event, Pacific Daily Times will dive into Taiwan’s ugly past to explain why Taiwan was weak enough that war from China was feasible in the first place. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

So, will there be open war between Taiwan and China? That’s something not even God can decide, only Taiwan.

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Encore of Revival: America, May 23, 2016

Encore of Revival: America, May 23, 2016

Trees of our national parks, apparently, are a reminder of racism. Though the first National Park, Jellystone, was instituted over a decade after slavery ended, the trees in national parks are offensive. Nonetheless, no effort has been made to either cut down the trees or shut down the National Parks where the offending trees grow.

A poll has confirmed the obvious: The name “Redskins” does not offend Redskins. If the name of the DC baseball team, “the Washington Redskins” were to be made less offensive, it should drop the truly offensive word, just being called “the Redskins”.

A Muslim group has executed 25 people by lowering them into a vat of nitric acid. While it sounds like a high school science experiment gone bad, we should look on the bright side: At least there were no reports of referring to anyone as a “Redskin”, no trees migrated from US National Parks, and certainly no reports of telling people which bathrooms they should use.

The homosexual pastor confessed to fabricating the writing on the cake. This brings up many other issues. After his very convincing emotional performance, he gave everyone outside the Transgender-Homosexual Rights movement permission to suspect and disbelieve anyone who claims to be offended, especially if they are emotional about it. But there is an even bigger problem: Heterosexual parents already recognize those kinds of emotional outbursts as phony—because their own children perform with those phony emotional outbursts all the time. Homosexuals don’t have biologically natural children by definition. Accordingly, very few of them would know how to recognize that “gay” (though unhappy) lying pastor looks like just another whining child who didn’t grow up and is willing to tell any fib and shed any amount of phony tears to get his way. He and those like him don’t have the personal life experience to know how obvious their phony performance is to the rest of us.

To quote Laura Ingraham on Congress’s response to the 2005 “build a fence” complaints from the public, “Perhaps they fell in love with their own rhetoric and forgot how it sounds to everyone else.”

Why would anyone lie about an injury? He raised questions about whether his cause is legitimate in the first place. And, now, that “crying, sobbing, ‘bloody-murder'” trump card can’t ever be played again. Whenever people see a performance like that again, they will see “the writing on the cake”. By lying about an offense, he gave more power to his opposition than he knows.

At this rate, how can revival not return to America!?

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