Cadence of Conflict: Asia, February 15, 2021

The WHO probe into China over the pneumoniavirus pandemic doesn’t help ties. The team requested raw data; they were given a summary. China blames America. Joe Biden takes on China over Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Uighurs of  Xinjiang. Now, he is joined by Boris Johnson in criticizing China over the WHO.

Meanwhile, Taiwan has gone two days without a single new case—poster boy of the Pacific! When Japan had a 7.3 magnitude earthquake off Fukushima, Taiwan interrupted its holiday season to voice support.

Now, the New York Post revisits old news about the lady who found an SOS message in a box of Halloween decorations made in Xinjiang. Factory co-workers told the messenger that he was the cause of their trouble by sending a message. If people of a factory are so beaten down, and if the WHO can’t even get raw data on the pandemic that rocked the world, Western voters will wonder what else is going on in China. News reports and recent events spell bad luck for China. Worst of all is China’s reaction that only spells guilt in the Western mind.

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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, April 18, 2016

Cadence of Conflict: Asia, April 18, 2016

Historically, Socialism has been great until the State runs out of other people’s money. In the case of China, it will continue to be great until China’s banks run out of their own loans. China’s debt-driven “miracle” is a bubble expected to pop somewhere just over the horizon.

China doesn’t mean to burst Trump’s bubble, but when bubbles are bursting, the more the merrier. While the international spokesmen (AKA pundits and news writers) tell readers what they want the readers to know they should believe, China understands two things: 1. Trump’s ideas are unconventional, 2. US election rhetoric is usually “trumped” up. Economics will likely shift across the Pacific due to a plurality of causes. China says everything will remain more or less the same. So, everything remains more or less the same.

North Korea gears up for a fifth nuke test. The South sees it as more of a power move in lieu of Northern isolation. Russia and the US clashed sheathed sabres; China piped-in as was opportune. The Japanese had some of their own problems, though none them nuclear, which is more than can be said for Korea. Japan’s earthquake was the largest since 2011 and seemed to coincide with Ecuador’s broken record of 1900. This was definitely a week of shake-ups.

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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, February 8, 2016

Cadence of Conflict: Asia, February 8, 2016

TPP passed. That’s another Obama deal likely be reviewed by his soon-to-be successor. And that time is coming soon and certain. Not only are the United States proving their plurality of powers, so is the Pacific. Taiwan’s earthquake was a scary demonstration.

The 4:00am Kaohsiung 6.4 was indeed scary to locals at the many wreckage sites. But it was scarier for older structures, including political and economic. A strange selection of buildings fell while most were unharmed. Dishonesty is under investigation by no less than four prosecutors. And Taiwan’s spirit is stronger than it ever has been, something Beijing has never stared more clearly in the eye.

Controversial as TPP is, and as likely as it will be altered, it nails a big “No China Allowed” sign on the tree fort. With Taiwan proving its own, investigating bad dealings likely to implicate Mainland cronyism, further weakening the lame duck Nationalists even further… Even Obama’s “never let a good crisis go to waste” policy must be reviewed. Strength in the Pacific is forcing strength on the rim. The conflict is turning the tide.

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October 27, 2015

Koch bro. holding off on campaign donations, insider history (WSJ)

Bushes opine on Trump (USA Today)

Jeb targets Marco (TIME)

India & China v West: Who defines ‘Climate change’? (THE WEEK)

Afghan 7.5 quake: 300+ dead and counting (CNN)

USS Lassen sailed China’s new islands, no incident (QZ)

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Tempo: May 8, 2015

US employment at historic low. High US employment boosts stock market. Cameron wins Britons. America loses Americans. Texas 4.0 mag. Michigan earthquake proved Kalamazoo fault line, WZZM 13 TV reportsTornadoes yesterday, tornadoes today, tornadoes tomorrow, in a line pointing toward Kansas City. Creative: A new font based on Einstein’s handwriting will let you write like a genius  · · · →

Tempo: April 28, 2015

Nepal suffers from an earthquake. Israel helps. Countries China wants to invade aren’t allowed to help Nepal. US: Japan can respond in Pacific war. Sidney sits under water and ice. Baltimore riots. Chipotle: No GMOs, no corn, no Monsanto. W: Ease sanctions on Iran ‘naive’, new Iran president ‘smooth’. SCOTUS to hear on pairrage, Christians attend. Apple’s got cash! Leadership: Former Mars Hill Church Executive Pastor and Elder Shares All: Good Decisions Made by the Right People, ResultSource (Pt. 2)  · · · →