Prelude to Conflict: Asia, August 11

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, August 11

Introspection”—The escalation went underground this week as nations look inside themselves. It all began August 1. A gas line explosion in Taiwan could change politics forever. Earthquake, a factory explosion, protests, and anti-Muslim laws in China. Manila finally jails the 12 Chinese fisherman who entered Pilipino seas and ran aground the 400-year-old reef. Ebola scare in Hong Kong—false alarm that woke up the region. Hong Kong’s discussions in democracy introduce Jimmy Lai’s funding of the recent “Vote”, the Vatican gets involved, and the police are pitted against “Occupy Central”. Motives for Chinese “Air Defense Zones” are analyzed as pointing to Taiwan. And, once again, China’s aircraft carrier is discovered to be even more vulnerable.

Kerry and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, jounst fingers at each other. Kerry was 30 minutes late to a meeting. Again, Chinese PR FAIL… Friends don’t care about 30 minutes of tardiness and we always bring our biggest complaints first.  · · · →

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, Aug 4

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, Aug 4

Last weeks Prelude received a stereotypical “seminar” comment sympathetic to media control. The Prelude considered this comment seriously, even after it was censored. Here is the comment, followed by the Prelude’s response:

This article is a typical anti-China piece which misreports, omits and distorts. The Chinese Central Government supports democracy in HK and has agreed to have it materialize in 2017. For 156 years of colonial rule, the British Government gave HK zero democracy. The so-called “pro-democracy” movement is a name created by the ill-intentioned Western press and anti-China elements to confuse the world.

The Prelude has never taken sides between the West and China. The only thesis that the Prelude has ever and will ever seek to prove is that conflict is as much foreseeable as it is avoidable. Because of the repeated choices and reactions from both the West and China, conflict in Southeast Asia, affecting the rest of the world, is growing.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, August 1

Encore of Revival: America, August 1

America is on the fast road to hit rock bottom, look up, and see Jesus once again. Here are just a few headlines from recently…


Video: 28 confidential pages in the 9/11 report

…Glenn Beck, Congressman Thomas Massie, move to make these pages public


Glenn Beck viz Jesse Ventura VIDEO

…Ventura sued the estate of a deceased marine sniper for alleged defamation in a book? If Ventura can’t man-up and let people talk smack without smacking back, then where America has backbone issues not even a chiropractor can heal.

Russian Headlines in Abroad

UN says MH17’s downing may constitute war crime

‘My parents are watching from heaven’: Son pays tribute to Hong Kong chef and mother killed on MH17

…a restaurant in Hong Kong affected by MH17

Russia defiant in the face of historic Western sanctions


Temporary lull in Gaza fighting as US, UN up pressure for truce

Left-wing, semi-pro-China newspaper in Taiwan claims that Gaza has a “lull” in fighting after the UN becomes involved…

US ups pressure on Israel as UN demands Gaza truce

…The article the day before the same paper reported the UN had a positive effect on Gaza.  · · · →

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, July 28

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, July 28

The snowball has begun. In the past, the escalation might be seen as linear. This week, that changed. Though the curve is slight, it’s clearly curving.

Beijing and Hong Kong are mutually paranoid; Beijing is paranoid of the West and Hong Kong is paranoid of Beijing. One Hong Kong newspaper, House News 主場新聞, started in 2012, shut down Sunday with a message from the owner about his family fearing their safety. A “soft-spoken” anti-Occupy speaker is highlighted in the HK press as HK busses run ads against the pro-democracy movement. Britain considers making a visit to their former colony.

China’s military sea exercise, commencing this week, is higher profile than what has been seen in the past, as expected. It even disrupted commercial passenger flights. What is Beijing planning?

Opinion writers now warn Taiwan to learn from Israel, that Taiwan needs high-tech defense, just as Israel has, to deter Beijing from even trying anything.  · · · →

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, July 21

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, July 21

The week of “mixed messages”… Western headlines relating to Southeast Asia were about “helping” Hong Kong, early this week. Thursday, the Pentagon announced that China will join the US and Australia in an infantry exercise this October… mixed messages.

Atop the stack, things are escalating against Russia. WWI started when Germany sank the passenger ship, Lusitania. If the West unites against Russia, this would have significant implications for China. This Prelude tries to avoid stories about Russian-EU escalation, focusing on Asia, but Asia’s back yard has big ramifications for the roof.

In the larger scope, Hong Kong could be a tipping point for China. As much as Beijing is focused on the island of Taiwan as their “2,000-missile-worthy enemy”, Taiwan has the attention of the Pentagon, while Hong Kong has the attention of the world.

The only press siding with Beijing is Beijing’s press. If the Western media were Sun Tzu, HK-related headlines seem to “attack China where it is not.” In the eyes of Western voting taxpayers, the passenger jet downed over Ukraine is to Russia what HK democracy is to China: Best not touch either—too late for Russia.  · · · →

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, July 14

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, July 14

The word for the week is “rhetoric”. There has been a lot of talk and analysis of the situation with China and Southeast Asia. China continues to bully. The US calls for calm.

In Asian thinking, China’s aggression is “polite”. It serves as a kind of warning. Beijing expects the West to run away like Chinese employees flee when the boss clears his throat. But anyone who understands the West knows that won’t happen, especially with the US. In America, if the boss clears his throat once, a union forms. If he clears his throat twice, the union goes on strike. Beijing is confused, however, since the US is neither fleeing nor striking. The Yank’s strength remains, literally, below the surface. With US submarines, China’s navy doesn’t stand a chance.

Only more recently has Beijing discovered US activity in the air and on the seas. For Asian culture, it’s uncontrollably irritating to see how close another sovereign State is.  · · · →